Power Flushing London

We offer power flushing London, which is a deep through cleaning for all kinds of central heating systems, boilers, heat-exchangers, under floor heating and radiators to all domestic and commercial properties in London areas. boiler installation

Our central heating engineers are highly trained with the top level of knowledge, experience and qualifications in all aspects of power flushing, central heating systems cleaning and heat exchanger de-scaling.

We promise to offer you a high standard expert power flushing service which will bring warmth back to your central heating and hot water system, the efficiency of your boiler and saving you money on your gas bill.

We cover the entire area of North, North West, West, southwest & Central London.power flushing London

When Do You Need Power Flushing?

It depends how your central heating or hot water system is operating. the most obvious indications are cold spot at the bottom of your radiators and rattling noises from the boiler or pipe works. these are includes :

  • Banging noise from the boiler
  • Over-heating problem
  • Over-pressure problem
  • Jammed pump
  • Cold radiators on lower floors
  • Cold spot at the bottom of radiators
  • Unbalanced heating system
  • Air-lock in the system
  • Hot water keeps getting hot and cold 

The blockage in the system is made of magnetites which are metal based and are heavy, that’s why they start to accumulate from the base of the pipes and heat-exchangers, if untreated they will most likely damage the pumps, diverter valves/port valves, expansion vessel, heat-exchangers, etc…

We include installing a magnetic filter with the power flushing, services, which will shield your entire central heating and hot water circuit for as long as you make sure it;s serviced annually.

Now days, all boiler makers recommend a proper hot and cold power flushing London, when installing a new boiler or replacing your old one.

If your system has any of this signs and you would like to be assisted by a Gas Safe Registered boiler repair to carry out a full assessment and a professional power flushing London, service, call Famtech Heating on : 02037454747 to see how we can balance your central heating or hot water system.

We will certify your power flushing, on completion and give you 12 month labour and part warranty.