Quality Boiler Installation, Gas Engineer, Gas Safety Certificate

High Quality Boiler Installation And Service Can Help Avoid Expensive Boiler Repair And Breakdown Cost

High quality Boiler Installation and other central heating or hot water cylinders systems can help preventing severe breakdowns cost. How can you avoid bad quality boiler installation, when deciding to replace a boiler or hot water cylinder or central heating system? The following options can assist you in regards to boiler model choice, and installation type. foreseeing and avoiding possible problems of low quality boiler installations, can help avoid losing the service and thousands of pounds spending on appliances.

  • Make sure the boiler installation complies with all building and Gas Safe installation regulations.
  • Make sure your quotation clarify the right type boiler or hot water cylinder.
  • Make sure that all manual instruction are left with home owner.
  • Make sure that all electrical wiring done by qualified electrician.
  • Make sure that the boiler engineer has commissioned the boiler according manufacturer.
  • Make sure that a Gas Safety Certificate issued on completion of boiler installation.
  • Make sure that boiler or hot water cylinder is registered with manufacturer by your boiler installer.

This blog provides more information about the basic steps how to install a new boiler. For more details about boiler installation, boiler repair and boiler service, contact your local gas safe registered engineer.

Remember that High standard Boiler Installation, And Boiler Repair Can Help Staying Away From An Expensive Boiler Breakdown Cost

Accredited Gas Safe Registered Engineers

When deciding to replace your boiler, first thing comes to your mind is the cost. then you might think of the cheapest boiler installation, available. but in a long run you realise that you have ended up even paying more for boiler repair and breakdown services.

It’d be wise to choose the best boiler, something like Vaillant, Worcester Bosch or Viessmann. these boilers comes with 3-5 years manufactory warranty and amongst other boiler companies, are easily recognised by their high quality workmanships. there are many heating engineers companies in London that offer boiler care cover and boiler finances. for instance, they would charge you £4000 for a boiler installation, something you can pay the amount over monthly instalments. but you need to know the fact that the real price to install a new boiler is around £2000, the other 2 grand goes towards the interest rates.

You can always refer to friends and family to see if they know any reliable boiler installation companies that they have work with? nevertheless you should always do your own investigation about the heating engineers, whether or not they are Gas Safe Registered, are their qualifications up to dates and have enough experience to carry out a high quality boiler installation, services from start to finish. its best to always check with their previous customers and even visit their properties to see the jobs they have carried out.

Other way of finding a genuine Gas Engineer, would be the Gas Safe Register website, as they have full list of all local Gas Engineers details in their database.

Do You Need a Gas Safety Certificate?

According to the HSE and Gas Safe Installation & Use regulations, every property or office that has any appliance or equipment connected to Gas Service Pipe, needs to be inspected and tested by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. these checks are mandatory criteria which insist upon the safety of the property and their residents. due to poor quality Gas Services carried out by illegal workers, there have been many casualties and incident in the United Kingdom, thus having your gas appliances and equipment inspected by a competent Gas Engineer is a must.

All home owner and Landlords must provide their tenants within 28 days of the moving date with a Gas Safety Certificate, issued by an accredited gas safe engineers. the engineer will start the process with

  • carrying out a gas tightness test from your gas meter to all the pipe works including every single appliances. they will check the emergency service valve on your meter and the soundness of the meter regulator governor and its seal.
  • Test and check the operating pressure and gas rate of each appliances with the manufacture instruction adjust if needed.
  • Check the purpose provided ventilation, correct and advise if the ventilation is less than requirements.
  • Check the flame picture.
  • Check all joints for any corrosion or leak and fix it if required.
  • Inspect the burners, injectors and heat-exchanger.
  • Check the integrity of the flue pipe, connections, joints and terminals.
  • Check the combustion ratio of CO/CO2 and adjust if outside the MI’s range.

Upon all the checks above, the gas engineer will then issue a Gas Safety Certificate and hand over a copy to the landlord or the agent, another copy to the tenants and one copy for himself for any future references. during the test if any appliance is found to be not safe or dangerous, the gas engineer must either disconnect or turn off the appliance with the responsible person’s permission and attach a do not use label or take further action to rectify the fault and run new test to the appliance.


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